The Chulu Boran cattle stud herd of Zambia is owned and managed by Craig and Sally Shiel, and our two sons Ryan and Drew.

Our cattle operations are based in Mkushi (Central Province) and Chingola (Copperbelt Province). We started farming in the 1970s on the family farm in Chingola and years later we expanded to Mkushi.

See About Us for details of our family team.

The Boran breed first came to our attention in the 1980’s when we observed its resilience and ability to perform in harsh African conditions where other breeds were under performing. In 2000 we had the opportunity to take over the renowned Grasmere Boran cattle herd whose original animals were imported into Zambia from Kenya in 1947.

We are passionate about breeding quality Borans which efficiently and economically produce beef under Zambia conditions. This passion, combine with hard work, have resulted in the development of our cattle herd into Zambia’s largest registered and most genetically diverse Boran herd.

Our Vision:

To contribute to the livestock industry of Africa by promoting and spreading quality Boran genetics into every rural corner of Zambia and the region, and to thus have a positive impact on the livelihood of beef cattle farmers.


Our Strategy:

1. To market by education, training and participation, and
2. To use modern technology to improve the Chulu Boran herd

Borans have been a pure breed for 1300 years, and the breed has Bos taurus and Bos indicus components in its genetic makeup.

As an indigenous breed the Boran has many beneficial characteristics. These include heat tolerance; resistance to ticks, biting insects and disease; the ability to survive drought conditions; ability to digest poor quality roughage; a strong herd instinct which makes herding management easy and protects the herd from predators and theft; good temperament; strong mothering instincts; high fertility and longevity. These breed characteristics and its genetic composition create a huge potential for the role of Borans in cross breeding.

We hope that the photo galleries will be inspirational to developing Boran farmers.

Craig, Sally, Ryan and Drew

See “About Chulu Borans” for milestones in the growth of the Chulu Boran herd, our breeding policies, grazing and grass pasture management, and future plans.

For interesting information on the Boran breed, including the breed origin, its history in Zambia, its unique functional characteristics, its role in crossbreeding and feedlotting, see “The Boran Breed” and “Media”.

We host several annual sales and field days each year. We have available for sale off the farm breeding bulls, heifers and weaners throughout the year. See “2017 Sales” for details.

The “Chulu Cattle Gallery” is a photographic safari of our breeding herds. The “The Young Stud Sires” section highlights our exciting young stud sires coming through the ranks – look for their sons on future sales!.

Proof is in the progeny, and the section entitled “The World’s Best Mother Breed” illustrates the outstanding quality of Chulu Borans mothers and calves.

The “Scenic Gallery” captures some of those rare special moments which keep us farming Borans in Zambia.